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Progressive Discipline in the Workplace |Steps of successful Progressive Discipline

Progressive Discipline in the Workplace |Steps of successful Progressive Discipline| Progressive Discipline Policy - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Progressive Discipline in the Workplace |Steps of successful Progressive Discipline| Progressive Discipline Policy - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
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What is Progressive Discipline?
Progressive Discipline is a method or process of disciplinary procedure where the punishments /penalties rise upon repeat events or mistakes

This term is regularly utilized in a work or HR setting where instead of firing employees for first or minor violations, there is an arrangement of escalating the matter further, planned to address the negative conduct instead of punishing employees.

Purpose of progressive discipline?
The basic purpose of Progressive discipline is to help the employees to realize that a performance issue or possibility for progress still exists.

The procedure includes a sequence of formal endeavours to give feedback to the employee so that employees can address the issue to rectify it eventually. The sole objective is to convey the message to respective employees that if they want to continue with the organization for years to come then improvement of their performance is crucial.

The whole system and process of Progressive discipline is not proposed as another punishment tool with a different name rather a convenient mechanism to overcome performance issues and thus satisfy work desires. Progressive discipline is fruitful only when it helps an employee to turn into a viably performing individual of the organization.

Every organization should have appropriate Progressive Discipline - Standard Operating Procedures Policy (Human Resources) in place to build a culture of equality and tolerance
Progressive Discipline in the Workplace |Steps of successful Progressive Discipline| Progressive Discipline Policy - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
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Policy Template
Progressive Discipline - Standard Operating Procedures – Human Resources
                Subject:  Progressive Discipline,  Policy Number: HR031                                                                     Effective Date: August 2005                                                                                                                                              
Progressive Discipline - Policy Statement
We believe in giving employees an opportunity to correct performance problems. It is the Company’s intent that discipline for offences will be progressive in nature. However, the particular circumstances and severity of the circumstance must be taken into consideration with corrective action taken as appropriate

Progressive Discipline - Policy Procedures
    1.   We educate our employees via our training programs and through daily oral communication as necessary. We also have our Standard Operating Procedures posted on Knowledge Net for all employees to access.

2.   All employees, regardless of position, are subject to disciplinary procedures.

3.   When a manager believes that an employee’s conduct requires discipline, the manager will do the right thing. The manager may discuss the matter with a representative from Human Resources for consultation purposes. Any discipline imposed will be based upon:
·            the employee’s work record;
·            the nature of the violation;
·            the employee’s honesty and participation in the investigation;
·            how others have been disciplined in similar circumstances.

4.  Discipline should be addressed daily and be appropriate to the offence. The manager is responsible for always following up with the employee to ensure understanding and improvement. If discipline is to be imposed, the discipline may generally consist of the following, depending upon the circumstances(steps of ProgressiveDiscipline)
·    a verbal warning or warnings
·    one or more written warnings
·   termination

5.    Employees often require counselling and further training as an outcome of disciplinary action.

6.   More serious offences should be reviewed by the Human Resources Department.

7.   Written warnings and final written warnings are to take place in the presence of the Human Resources Manager.

8.  Employees have the right to have a representative of their choice in the room during disciplinary actions.

9.   All disciplinary actions will be documented in writing, signed and placed into the Employee’s Human Resources File.

Progressive Discipline – Policy conclusion statement
There is no set progressive disciplinary path; each case is different.  It is the employee’s behaviour that warrants which disciplinary method is undertaken. Employees should never be surprised about disciplinary measures and they should always know what is expected of them. We need to continuously educate our employees about the company’s purpose of existence and how we all play a role in the Organizations (place company name here) success.

Also the company reserves the right to amend its policies and procedures from time to time.

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