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HRM Policy template | Work etiquette or office etiquette

HRM Policy template | Work etiquette or office etiquette  

Work etiquette is a code that governs the expectations of social behaviour in the workplace. This code is put in place to "respect and protect time, people, and processes."

There is no universal agreement about a standard work etiquette, which may vary from one environment to another.

Work etiquette includes a wide range of aspects such as body language, good behaviour, appropriate use of technology, etc. Part of office etiquette is working well with others and communicating effectively. (Wikipedia)

Here presenting - HRM policy template of office etiquette for ready reference, which can be implemented immediately after minor alterations as per one’s organization.
HRM Policy template | Work etiquette or office etiquette
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1.  Office Timing: Always reach office on time. For reporting time, please refer Flexible Work Schedule Policy issued by the HR Dept. dated DD/MM/YY.

2. Dress Code & Personal hygiene: Everyone (Male /Female Colleagues) will follow the dress code of the company:
·       From Monday to Thursday – Formals
·       Dress Code on Friday can be smart casual now as Saturday being an off day. However, it is not acceptable to be in casuals if attending official meetings with clients or if required to visit the Lounge areas. – (but one should avoid wearing Capri, Miniskirts, shorts, flip flops etc.)
·       Employees must wear their uniforms where uniforms are required.
·       Everyone is expected to look neat and presentable while on the job. Clean Clothes, Polished shoes, Use Perfume or deodorant daily to control offensive body odour, Hairs neatly combed and trimmed properly.

3.    Daily Sign-in & Sign-out: All Officials/Colleagues must Sign-in and Sign-out Biometric Machine/System located at the entry gate of the office without any exceptions. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action against the staff. This is non-negotiable.

4.  Break Time: Please refer Flexible Work Schedule Policy dated DD/MM/YY. Tea & Coffee is a self-service facility; please do not order or request office attendant to serve it on your desk.

5.    Personal conversations: Please forward your mobile phone to your desktop phone. Personal call and the use of mobile phone inside the office premises should be kept to a minimum of 5 minutes at a time.

6.    Corridor Walkways: Officials are not allowed to roam around in the corridor outside of the office or in the office internal walkways while using the mobile phone either on a personal call or on a business calls

7.    Volume of conversations: Take care of your pitch and tone of your conversation as it may cause inconvenience to others. Consider closing your office door and lowering your voice whenever speaking in person or on the telephone. Do not use slang, rude, derogatory, or obscene language, no matter whoever speaking to.

8.  Respect and Kindness: Every Colleague you work with deserves respectful treatment; hence treat everyone in a respectful manner.

9.  Office gossip: Sharing professional information is wonderful but avoid any kind of gossips, which may be harmful to the harmonious office environment. Avoid playing blame games.

10.  Work station discipline: Keep your personal workspace clean and neat at all times. Do not lean on the cubicle or stand next to it and engage on chit chat. It disturbs others sitting nearby.
·       Do not talk in a loud voice. If you need to talk to any of your colleagues, use the extension phone. Never shout from your desk and disturbs others.
·       Knock on the door and wait for permission to enter before entering anyone’s cabin.
·       Respect each other’s privacy.
·       Do not leave dirty dishes/glasses or cups at your desk especially when you leave for the day. Please drop them at the assigned area in the pantry as soon as you finished with them.

11. Booking Conference/Training Room - W.E.F DD/YY/MM, Conference room & training room keys will remain with their respective custodian Mr. X (Conference Room)/Ms. Y (Training Room). To book these rooms colleagues to share their booking details via email and it will be accepted on first come first serve basis and will be recorded in the Booking Record File.

12.  Office Equipment’s: Once you have used any office equipment then put everything back to its proper space. For example; if you used the laminating machine then, please ensure that you return it back to its rightful location so that other colleagues can locate it right away instead of spend time chasing and looking for the equipment.

13.  Pantry Discipline: “This is your home five days of the week. Help keep it clean.”
·       Do not throw used tissues and rubbish everywhere.
·       After having a meal, Throw away the leftovers from your plate in the dustbin and keep the plates in one side and spoons in another so that it does not fall around everywhere.
·       When you use the microwave, be sure to cover the food appropriately so it’s doesn’t splatter.
·       Keep the use of space in the fridge to a minimum to respect other people’s needs.
·       Stay close with your coffee or microwaved item, rather than leave and come back later.
·       Let the office attendant know if any company-supplied item runs out.
14.   Use of Hotel Facilities: Office staffs are refrained from using any of the Lounge services and facilities unless authorized by the General Manager. This means the use of SPA (Massage/Shower/Manicure/Pedicure), Food and Beverages and other ancillary services. However, for SPA services, an in house discount of 50% is offered to the office staff

15.  Any complimentary usage of our service by the family members / Clients must be vetted & approved by the General Manager in advance

Employees are expected to conduct themselves on the job in a manner that contributes to operating effectiveness, productivity, safety and a harmonious work environment. If employees do not meet the company’s expectations of performance and /or conduct, corrective action, up to and including strict disciplinary action may be taken.

It is within management’s discretion to determine what measures would be appropriate under each circumstance.

Prepared By                                           Approved By            

Name/Signature                                   Name/Signature

End of the policy template

Hope the HRM policy template of office etiquette will of much help for all of you.                                                                                       


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