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Termination of Employment| what are the misconduct in a workplace| the reasons to fire an employee is?

Termination of Employment| what are the misconduct in a workplace| the reasons to fire an employee is?

Reasons to fire an employee may vary from company to company, however, proving you a comprehensive list. Mostly, companies used to notify this info either via HR Manual, Standing order, Employee Handbook or maybe in the form of a standalone policy on Misconduct and disciplinary action.

Termination of Employment| what are the misconduct in a workplace| the reasons to fire an employee is?
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Any of the following acts and omissions on the part of the employee shall be deemed to be misconduct.

1.    Willful insubordination or disobedience of any lawful and reasonable order of a superior.

2.    Going on an illegal strike or abetting, inciting, instigating or acting in furtherance thereof.

3.    Willful slowing down in the performance of work or abatement or instigation thereof.

4.    Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the employer’s business or property or theft of another employee’s property within the establishment.

5. Demanding and accepting bribes or any illegal gratification.

6.    Habitual absence without leave, absence without leave for more than fifteen consecutive days without sufficient grounds of overstaying sanctioned leave without sufficient grounds for without proper or satisfactory explanation.

7.    Habitual late attendance.

8.    Habitual breach of any rule or any law applicable to the establishment or any rules made thereunder.

9.    Engaging in trade or business or taking up any part-time or full-time work other than that of the organization.

10. Drunkenness or riotous, disorderly or indecent behaviour, use of abusive language.

11.  Threatening or intimidating other employees or wrongfully interfering with the work of other employees assault or threat to assault within the premises of the establishment or otherwise.

12.   Commission of any subversive of good behaviour or discipline on the premises of the establishment or otherwise.

13.       Gross neglect of work or gross or habitual negligence.

14.  Habitual breach of any rules or instructions for the maintenance of running of the departments or the maintenance of the cleanliness of the Institute’s premises.

15.  Holding or attending meetings inside the premises of the establishment without the previous permission of the Management except in accordance with the provisions of any law in force for the time being.

16. Canvassing for union membership or the collection of union dues, funds or contributions of collection of any money for any purpose during working hours except in accordance with any laws or with the permission of the management.

17. Being rude towards officers, employers, guests and other persons having dealings with the organization on the Institute’s premises or elsewhere in connection with the institute business.

18. Habitual absence from the place of work without obtaining prior permission or without sufficient reasons.

19. Distributing or exhibiting within the establishment, handbills, pamphlets, posters or causing to be displayed by any means or written or drawn signs of writing or other visible representations without the prior sanction of the management.

20.    Engaging in any civic, political or union activities during working hours except to the extent permitted by law or by the management.

21. Falsification, defacement or destruction of records or any records of the establishment.

22. Willful and serious misrepresentation in the information given by the employee at the time of application for employment.

23.       Willful damage to work in process or to any property of the establishment.

24.       Disclosing to any unauthorized person any information in regards to the processes of the institute which may come into the possession of the employee in the course of his/her work.

25.       Gambling within the premises of the institute

26.       Smoking in the premises of the institute.

27.  Possession of lethal weapons of firearms at the premises of the institute except as permitted under the law and with the permission of the management.

28. Refusal to accept a charge sheet order or other communication served in accordance with the service rules.

29. Accepting expensive gifts from supplier, creditors and customer.

30.   Any other subversion of discipline.   

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Hope the above list for Acts of misconduct at the workplace can aid you for both -  what are the misconduct in a workplace and the reasons to fire an employee?                   


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