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Career Management Process stages

Career Management Process Stages

Career Management process of companies may vary depending upon its level of sophistication and the emphasis they place on the different component process. 

Typically, all Career Management System can be sequenced in five stages.

Diagram: Career management Process Stages

Career Management Process stages

Career Management Strategy: The first step in the career management process is the career strategy. A well-planned strategy consists of -
·       Freehand to choose the model of career development
· Clear-cut policy on internal promotion or hiring externally
·    Clear succession planning or a career path which can enable talented people to climb up the ladder.
·     Knowledge sharing system in practice
·   Balance between one-size-fits all or flexible approach in career development initiative.

Assessment: Assessment is the second process stage of career management which includes activities ranging from employee self-assessment (interest, values, and aptitudes) and the one made by the organization. This is also known as talent audit which determines employee strengths and weaknesses.

Career Planning: This stage includes determining  the types of career the employee wishes for, recognize career routes they need to choose and footsteps they should take to realize their career goals. Executions of planning are based on the information provided by the organization’s assessment of requirements, succession plans and transforms it into the form of individual career development programs.

Development: The stage of development in the career management system includes taking actions to build and enhance skills to prepare for future job assignments. Very common developmental programs may range from career counselling, mentoring, coaching, job rotation and educational aid etc.

Evaluation: analyzing the success of developmental initiatives is of utmost importance, however, it is full of uncertainties due to the varied perceptions with regards to the success factors. For instance, distinct employee might measure the success of their careers based on his/her accomplishments in terms of relative rewards, hierarchical position etc. Whereas, senior managers possibly depends on a range of indicators such as the talent retention ratio, a consistent flow of internal candidates to fill up the vacancies etc.

These are the 5 stages of the career management process which can be generally seen in almost every employee-oriented organisations.

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