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Morale & Productivity | Morale and Productivity in Human Resource Management

Morale & Productivity | Morale and Productivity in Human Resource Management

Morale has been defined by various management authors from different standpoints. In this connection - It is noteworthy to mention the description of morale given by ‘Flippo’ – “as a mental condition or attitude of individuals and groups which determines their willingness to co-operate.”

Morale & Productivity | Morale and Productivity in Human Resource Management
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Positive morale is demonstrated by employee gusto, Willful conformity with company regulations and orders and readiness to co-operate with others in the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives.

Then again, negative morale is demonstrated by unfriendliness, rebelliousness, a feeling of opposition, displeasure of the job, comrades and the organization in totality.

Precisely, morale reveals the attitude of an employee towards their work & the environment as well. As high morale may lead to higher (employee) productivity so, for any organization it is of utmost importance to build positive morale.

To improve employee morale, the following suggestions can help an organization to make its employees happier. Since happier workers are more productive workers.

Two way communications: There should always be proper two-way communication between management and the employees which is – downward and upward communication. Downward communication can be useful for management while conveying policies and programs to its employees. On the other hand, upward communication can give wings to its employees while sharing their feelings, reactions and suggestions with the management on a regular basis. Appropriate employee feedback can aid management in amending required changes in policies or any such matter which may impact employees directly or indirectly.

Proper Incentive System: Existence of timely & appropriate monetary and non-monetary incentive mechanism could be miraculous so far as positive employee morale is concerned. Good performers should be recognized and suitably rewarded.

Human Relations Approach:  All employees should be treated as human beings and not machines.  Further, Absence of discrimination among employees & groups besides, individual feelings and emotions should be given weightage.

Welfare schemes: Employee & family welfare brings a sense of security and belongingness. Such schemes may comprise of house facilities, medical assistance, and school for children, recreation facilities, social security etc.  All these actions clearly show the management’s concerns - which will eventually enhance employee morale for better productivity.

Participation in Management:  Workers participation in management will encourage industrial democracy and the workers will be able to understand the management viewpoints on important decisions concerning the workers.

Improve workers training: It is always advisable to have proper training of workers from time to time. Accurate Performance appraisal mechanism can assess the training needs of employees. Post evaluation depending upon the requirements, appropriate training modules should be developed and employees should be trained wherever they lack. It can boost Morale & confidence level of employees and in turn the loyalty towards the organization.

Job Enrichment:  Job enrichment refers to the opportunities for greater recognition, growth, advancement and responsibility. The core intention is the use of those factors which are intended to motivate the workers. The basic purpose is to satisfy employees by reducing discontentment or improving a job nature.

To conclude, the relationship between moral& productivity is always complex and cannot be predicted. 

It possibly differs from organization to organization and from one time to another time too.  


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