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Recruitment & Selection |How do I hire hotel staff

Recruitment & Selection |How do I hire hotel staff

Recruitment & Selection |How do I hire hotel staff
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Recruitment & selection of hotel staff can be done in following various ways -

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1. Internal Recruitment Sources for Hotel staff - Internal job posting - (IJP), my personal choice is, always look for potential candidates internally. This strategy has many plus points which cannot be denied at any cost. It can boost employee morale and sense of Belongingness towards the organization, build trusts and acts as a motivating factor for new recruits in the company.

Try to design IJP policy and float it accordingly. Remember, it is always advisable to uplift known talents rather sourcing unknown candidates externally, which you cannot even guarantee the success, isn’t it?

It is cost-effective & less time consuming even in many ways such as your existing employee s are already aware of company policies, culture and the environment as a whole. On the other hand, new talents sourced externally will take at least six months to get accustomed with all the company parameters.

2.    External Recruitment sources for Hotel staff - at times while internal sources are not sufficient enough to satisfy the needs then natural inclination is towards various external avenues such as -
· Campus recruitment from Hotel, hospitality, aviation training institutions for junior/ entry-level position s
·  Food craft institutes for Food & Beverage and Food Production/Kitchen staffs
· Vocational Institutes for utility and Housekeeping workers
·   IATA, travel & ticket and tourism institutes for Hotel reservation staffs
·       Employee referrals for junior/ middle/ senior levels
·       HR forums, FB etc
·       Job fairs for all levels
·       Newspaper ads for all levels
·   Job portals like,, times jobs, shine, Click India etc
·       LinkedIn, Glassdoor, indeed etc.
·       Head Hunting, especially for senior positions
·       Hiring consultants

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