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Focus Features

Focus Features

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an HR services provider company that aspires to be the best partner to its clients. We have great value for our clients with whom we maintain a very close interaction and thus our success lies in providing successful service and backup with mutual consent and co-operation.

Our philosophy is to aid you to succeed! … by providing a one-stop HR solution to meet the every expectation of our clients with regards to their most valuable resources which is Human Capital!

Our dedicated team of competent and well-networked professionals aids our clients to accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce cost and optimize human asset utilization in order to achieve continuous growth and desired profitability.

Our Ventures
Diversification is the key nowadays - with that motivation in our minds, we have following ventures currently under one roof -

Investment Advisory along with its protection avenues. Free Financial Consulting and advisory service. All services are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. The facility of cloud-based software with the flexibility of self-operation. 
  1. Financial Planning & Investment advisory
  2. Wealth Management
  3. General/Life Insurance
Besides, HR Consulting and End to End HR Services -Our prime focus is to deliver customized HR solutions… Just for you! We are delighted to offer the broadest HR solutions portfolio ranging from –
  1. Set up of HR Department - Special provisioning for Human Resource consulting and set up for small business and startups.
  2. Drafting, Designing & Modification of company HR documents/policies
  3. Payroll Outsourcing
  4. Manpower Outsourcing
  5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
(B) Institute of Practical Learning & development   
Get practical Job insights! before you can arrange one. We believe in practical excellence. 

Area of Focus -Life/Personal Coach, Practical HR Course, Job Oriented Course

  1. Life/PersonalCoach This means helping people become the best they can be, at home or at work, so they live a happy and successful life. Here are some of the areas where we specialize in as a Life Coach:
  • Work-related issues
  • Relationships
  • Confidence & Life skills
  • Academic Issues

All our services are based on strong concepts developed from insights gathered over years of extensive research by Industry HR professional. On our part, we assure you of our best services and Co-operation at all times.

Pricing (not applicable for Investment advisory & Financial Planning services
Our services doesn’t have any set cost, as mentioned above everything is customizable here as per your needs and requirements. We are extremely flexible so do not be hesitant to contact us.

Contact Details




Alternatively, you can reach us at - 

Our experts will get in touch with you immediately.


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