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Behavioural-interview questions| 40+Best Interview tips to avoid hiring the wrong candidate?

Behavioural-Interview questions| Best Interview tips to Avoid Hiring the Wrong candidate?
Most of us have made the mistakes of hiring somebody who either lacked the necessary skills or didn’t fit the organisation’s culture. But we can reduce the risk of doing that with behavioural interviewing, a systematic, analytical, and objective technique.
A behavioural Interview is carefully planned and based on the job and its outcomes, according to the principle that past performance is the best indicator of future behaviour. Specifically, it assumes that the manner a job applicant has used his or her skills in the past will forecast how he or she will use them in a new job. Managers should design questions to draw out candidates stories of real-life experiences that illustrate their ability to perform the essential functions, arrive at the relevant objectives, and exceed expectations in the job.
Good behavioural interview questions enable you to draw out the candidate’s strengths, areas of deve…