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HR Case Study|Managing problem employees| challenges faced by managers in the workplace

HR Case Study|Managing problem employees|challenges faced by managers in the workplaceHandling problem employees - There are couples of circumstances that will certainly resemble most of the challenges faced by managers in the workplace. Besides, it will help us to see the types of problem employees.
At the very outset, let’s consider a problem being faced by a manager namely Anubhuti, she is a senior manager at a large facility management firm with dotted line responsibility for Ankit, a site team member. Who is known for his rebellious attitude though has a good work history? But the team is feeling the heat because he was not being promoted in spite of his good performance. Naturally, being stubborn by nature, Ankit’s behaviour/attitude is becoming increasingly problematic, or thus Anubhuti and Khullar the senior manager and Ankit's’ other Boss can notice it easily. Ankit seems to be avoiding work, and when he does complete assignments, he does not report back to his Bosses even…

HR Case Study | Selecting the Right talent

HR Case Study | Selecting the Right talentManish Srivastava was appointed as the vice president transition at IPLD a multinational BPO based in Pune.
Earlier, Manish was referred by another employee Rahul Sharma the Head-Finance of IPLD. Manish and Rahul are childhood friends. Being an internal referral, the company called Manish for an interview. He came with extraordinary credentials. He was an MBA from the UK and worked in a few leading multinational in Mumbai for around14 years. After a couple of interviews both in India and Skype interviews with the parent company in the UK Manish was found to be an impressive candidate and IPLD found him to be an exact match for what they were looking for. IPLD decided to make Manish an offer with 50% hike over and above what he was previously getting. Additionally, joining bonus and relocation expenses was also offered to him.
Why is it important to link business strategy to human resource planning? IPLD wanted Manish to join instantly as they had…

HR case study| Exit of an Employee |Need and HR Role

HR case study| Exit of an Employee |Need and HR RoleHemant was the best student of a premier business school. He secured final placement through the college cell in leading sales and marketing company in Hyderabad. He joined the company, settled in well, came up with innovative ideas which were recognized and implemented.
He was the best employee in the organization from day one. His performance was excellent and he was well accepted by his colleagues and seniors. He was achieving the target very well and also helping his colleagues. Mr Mohan was his immediate boss and he was very happy with Hemant’s performance. Mr Mohan gave him an excellent hike in his salary after completion of his probation period of one year. Hemant enjoyed working in Mr Mohan’s department. He liked the open culture and freedom provided by the company. He felt lucky to work with the company having such a wonderful culture.
But he started facing a problem when Mr Mohan was promoted and transferred to Delhi office a…

HR Case Study |The dilemma of a Human Resource professional

HR Case Study |The dilemma of a Human Resource professional H&S Limited is a leader in high-end Fabrics having headquarters in Gujrat. The company records a turnover of rupees 1100 crore plus a year. A year back, H&S set up a unit at Kapadvanj ( 50 km away from Gujrat) to spin home fabrics. The firm hired Maarut as senior manager HR and asks him to operationalize the Kapadvanj unit.
Maarut (Sr. Manager HR) has a vision. Being a strong believer in positive actions, he plans to reach out to the rural areas and utilize the potentials of teenaged girls with plus two educational backgrounds having completed their 12th standard. An ideal routine of these girls are to sit at homes, idling their time, watch the TV serials endlessly and probably dreaming about their marriages even.
Junior colleges are located in their respective villages and it is easy for these girls to get enrolled in them. However, degree colleges are not nearby. The nearest degree college is minimum 12 km and no pare…

Case Study| HR Manager In Soup

Case Study| HR Manager In SoupI have landed myself in the soup. For no fault of mine, I am placed in a fix. Do not know how to get out the problem, says Barak, Chief HR officer of a top-notch Berlin-based software firm (Xyz Company).
He is right. Take a look at the facts.
On a fine morning, two months back Barak received a message from a Poland based consulting firm( specializing in reference check) enquiring about an employee reference check given by Denny who has recently taken up a job at Poznan based software company(Abc Company).
Denny, while joining that new software company, claimed that he has worked earlier with Barak for two years and his last pay drawn was over $2000 a month. In support of his claim, Denny produced service and last pay certificates purported to be issued by Barak. Abc company referred these documents to the consulting firm, who in turn contacted Barak for cross-checking.
Barak does not remember to have an employee by name Denny on the payroll of Xyz Company. Ba…

CASE STUDY:Why should HR be involved in the business strategy formulation?Give HR its Due - Strategic Importance

Why should HR be involved in the business strategy formulation? Give HR it's Due - Strategic Importance Why is it important to link business strategy to human resource planning?
Why is it important that human resource management be a strategic priority in an organization?

What all my viewers need to work on after reading through this entire case study

Why was the HR Dept not given strategic importance at Vinayak Manufacturers?What did Alex share with the senior teamChallenges will Alex face establishing the strategic importance of the Human resources function?Why should HR be involved in the business strategy formulation at Vinayak Manufacturers?
Alex, the new Human Resources Head at Vinayak manufacturers was not happy with the company was managing its employees and the way the Human Resources Department was viewed by the management. He felt that in the era of Globalization, an organisation should change its way of functioning. The HR Department was involved only in day to day adminis…