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Employee Grievance|Meaning,causes,attributes|Sample Grievance Handling Policy template

Employee Grievance|Meaning, causes, attributes|Sample Grievance Handling Policy template
Introduction and Meaning of Grievance:

A grievance is any dissatisfaction or a sense of discrimination in connection with one’s employment condition which is brought to the consideration of the management for appropriate resolution. 

Holistically, a grievance is any kind of a disappointment that unfavourably affects organizational relations and efficiency. 
To know what exactly a grievance is, it is essential to differentiate between disappointment, complaint, and grievance.
Dissatisfaction/Disappointment is whatever that bothers an employee, whether or not the conflict is conveyed in words.
A complaintis a verbal or written displeasure brought to the consideration of the Manager or the immediate boss.
A grievance is a complaint that has been officially presented to the Management, HR or to a union representative.
In a nutshell, a grievance is a state of dissatisfaction, spoken or unspoken, on paper or un…