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How to explain why you are job hopping ?

How to explain why you are job hopping Before we hop into how to respond to this intense interview question, let us agree on certain definitions. *a job hopper is somebody who works temporarily in one position after another rather than staying at any one job or organization long-term. Job hopping is a pattern of shifting companies every year or two of one's own choice but not as a result of something like layoff or company closure *
What does that mean, in actual? The response depends on who you are talking to. Some hiring executives frown upon candidates who have less than a year each in two or more jobs in a row. Others many presume that less than two years with any one employer. Historically, job hopping has been viewed as a sign of unreliability, reluctance to make a long-term commitment, or lack of curiosity in evolving deep expertise. Those beliefs are gradually changing, yet there are many HR administrators who will use apparent job hopping as a critical filter.
In contrast, …