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Morale & Productivity | Morale and Productivity in Human Resource Management

Morale & Productivity | Morale and Productivity in Human Resource ManagementMorale has been defined by various management authors from different standpoints. In this connection - It is noteworthy to mention the description of morale given by ‘Flippo’ – “as a mental condition or attitude of individuals and groups which determines their willingness to co-operate.”
Positive morale is demonstrated by employee gusto, Willful conformity with company regulations and orders and readiness to co-operate with others in the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives.
Then again, negative morale is demonstrated by unfriendliness, rebelliousness, a feeling of opposition, displeasure of the job, comrades and the organization in totality.
Precisely, morale reveals the attitude of an employee towards their work & the environment as well. As high morale may lead to higher (employee) productivity so, for any organization it is of utmost importance to build positive morale.
To improve employee …