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Practical HR Course Module Details

Description This course is a detailed study of Practical human resource management.
It covers every aspect of human resource management from the planning, recruitment, selection, training, performance management, compensation and so on. Emphasis is also laid on the roles of human resource manager; what makes him unique among other managers. This course aims to make the prospective human resource manager acquire and be acquainted with all the basics and techniques of human resource management and also its application.
After taking this course, you should be fully loaded to practice as a professional human resource manager and be a distinction among your colleagues in the profession.
Who this course is for: ·Everyone ·Everyone aspiring leadership ·Business owners ·Entrepreneurs ·Employers ·Employees ·Business managers ·Public office holders

Practical HR Courses

Practical HR Courses
Learn to operate each function & areas of Human Resources the way it is being operated and managed inside a company.
There may be innumerable management institutes, online courses for Human Resource today. However, have you ever given any thought about a practical approach towards it? Theoretically, when we talk about employee grievance handling, it may guide us about various steps to be taken care of to handle it. But what about the actual handling of the situation and understanding the human emotions behind every such grievance? A course curriculum can only teach us about the theoretical aspects of Human Resource divisions. So here comes the role of Practical HR Courses – which should be desired not only by fresh graduates but also for every HR professionals & whatever level of your HR career you are into now?
In contrast, as soon as a fresh graduate enters the corporate world as an HR person – he/she immediately starts to realize the immense difference be…