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Employee Engagement & Benefits | The employee of the Month HR Policy

Date : May 01, 2016 (effective from)
To: All employees (Lounge & Operations)
From: Authorized Person Name
The employee of the Month(HR)Policy
1.Purpose The Purpose of the Employee of the Month (EOM) program is to recognize outstanding full time employees of who embody the organization’s standards for the excellence of customer service based on the EthosandValues.
In addition to these values, the EOM program will recognize those employees who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their jobs and other related duties beyond their own, in an effort to make the workplace more efficient and more welcoming to co-workers and customers.
The EOM program seeks to acknowledge those whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others.
The EOM program will provide awards to such employees by a means that is fair, with equal consideration of all eligible staff.

An employee who demonstrates the following will be eligible for the EOM Award:

61 + best HR practices, employee engagement initiative and employee benefit

61+ best HR practices, employee engagement initiative and employee benefit 
Several Experts through their studies found that – if you have chosen Human Resource (HR) as a career option then naturally you are talented and extraordinary .Don’t you think so really? Your core job responsibility is to monitor capable and amazing people so logically you are brilliant right?

Proceeding onward with our talk today– here we are presenting a comprehensive list of 61+ HR best practices, Employee Engagement and employee benefits guide which will help you to uphold your HR department perfectly. 

In this context , a precise narration to define these three parts of HR namely HR best practices, Employee Engagement and employee benefit as follows. It is pertinent to mention that being in HR profession these terms are not an alien to anyone nevertheless, fair commencement is essential here.  

HR Best practices are a set of HRM methods and arrangements that work commonly for all employees working in an organ…